Thursday, May 20, 2021


It feels like I only just posted about being back to work, in the post 'worst-of-the-covid-crisis' competition dance circuit... and here I am, nearly finished.  In all fairness, I am accustomed to a few more weeks out of the regular season than what this year offered.  But after being stripped of all the work and travel things last year, it's quite impressive that my schedule this season showed no cancellations.  

I'm down to one scheduled national dance event... hopefully more that I don't know about yet... and I'm transitioning into summer.  Summer means outdoor endurance events, mud, sweat, tears (not usually mine), blood (sometimes mine), sunscreen and an overabundance of bug spray (I am a mosquito delicacy).  

While I'm looking forward to the outdoor events too - last year brought fewer of these events than I can count on one hand - I'm not ready for dance to be over.  Some part feels like we've only just begun - likely because we were able to do NOTHING in 2020.  No competitions to cover. Not even classes to attend in my area most of the time... not without a lot of hoops to jump through.  I think I'm looking to catch up on what was lost.  I'm realistic enough to know this isn't going to happen, but it still doesn't make the wanting disappear.  Virtual and YouTube classes had to suffice... and now there is a hope of getting back into a studio classroom sooner rather than later.  For that, I am ever-thankful.

So, I re-focus and corral myself into transition to the outdoor season.  I'm indescribably happy for all the opportunities coming my way.  My calendar is starting to be almost as busy as it was pre-covid - I so hope it stays that way, and that I can pick up even more events.  I love this way of work and of life.  The travel, the movement, the new responsibilities, the people I will reconnect with on the road, and the new ones I've yet to meet.  

Whatever this year decides to bring - Let's do this!

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