Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Back in the Saddle Again

 It happened!

Just a mere 15 days shy of a full calendar year since I last covered this kind of an event, I am finally back in the dance competition world again.  💛

**Whew!  Thank goodness!**

Not only did I start this past weekend, but I am currently booked out every weekend now through at least mid-May with events (pending cancellations and postponements).  This makes me incredibly happy!

My first weekend back was in Louisville, Kentucky covering the Nexstar Talent Competition.  I'd photographed their events in the past, but hadn't been with them for a couple of years.  I'm now contracting with a company who has Nexstar as one of their many clients.  The upside is that last weekend's regional director is someone I'd worked with a LOT in the past, so it was like seeing an old friend.  In addition to that, the videographer sent for this Louisville event was also someone I had worked with a lot prior... so, in all honesty, part of the weekend felt like a little 'ol reunion!

It is going to take some adjustment to get back into the rhythm of these weekends again.  I rediscovered muscles I forgot I had... vitamin I(buprofen) helps.  It was odd being away all weekend again (Aaron said the same, waking up without me there for the first time in a very long time).  But I am working with a wonderful organization, reconnecting with people I used to see all the time, and in an industry that I love.

I only hope now that all of this holds steady.  

***Oh, and I can share these a little more freely now.  😄***

Wednesday, February 3, 2021


“Not everyone’s life is like a house that belongs to him and that he can go on decorating ever more richly with the furniture of his memory. Some people live in hotels, in many hotels. The years close behind them like hotel doors— and the only thing that remains is a little courage and no regrets.”
― Erich Maria Remarque

North Shore, Lake Superior
Minnesota, USA

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